Designer & Photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Over the past few years I’ve taken a lot of photographs, of a lot of different subjects. Most of these normally end up either somewhere on my computer, or printed but kept in a drawer. Which isn’t great really, and kind of defeats the point of taking them in the first place. So in a bid to make more of an effort I've decided to set up this site, onto which I’ll be putting my work. 
The aim of this is twofold. 1. To motivate me to shoot more, and differently. 2. To share my work - with whoever wants to see it.
The majority of what I put up here are personal projects. Some more complete than others. I am very much still exploring and experimenting with photography, looking to find an area of that I enjoy the most, for that reason I keep it varied and try my hand at as much as possible. 
Thanks for looking.
Ed Bell
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